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We pursue to create a stimulating and motivating research environment where group members support each other, discussing and sharing their ideas and newest findings. Rigor, team spirit and devotion to tackle big scientific challenges are among the most valuable key aspects in this group.

Master Students:

We are looking for highly motivated master students who want to be part of the Romero-Nieto Research Group. We offer exciting and stimulating research projects whose interdisciplinarity ensures the apprenticeship of techniques related to diverse research fields, not only organic-inorganic synthesis, but also spectroscopy and electrochemistry among others.

PhD Students:

We seek talented and motivated PhD candidates with strong interests in materials science. Applicants should possess a background in organic and/or inorganic chemistry. Successful candidates will accomplish multidisciplinary projects that involve the bottom-up approach to new functional materials. Complementarily, PhD students will be thoroughly trained to develop their own scientific creativity and to strengthen their communicative skills. At this point, however, only applicants with their own founding can be considered. 


PhDs with a background in organic / inorganic synthesis or material science, with their own founding will be also considered. Candidates are required to possess strong organizational and leadership skills to collaborate with multidisciplinary groups and assist students with their scientific problems. Research projects for postdocs offer the opportunity to reinforce and improve the independent thinking and leadership qualities, acquiring further scientific maturity in views of their future career either in academia or industry.

C. Romero-Nieto Research Group